As candidate for Randolph County Sheriff, Greg Seabolt has received numerous endorsements and huge support from our citizens. Greg values each and every endorsement and would like to hear from you regarding your support! 

Greg has received endorsements from many people in our community including:

Clark Bell - Asheboro City Councilman

Gary Cook - Randolph County School Board Chairman

Tracy Boyles - Randolph County School Board; Chief of Farmer Fire Department

Jack Coltrane - retired, Director of NC DMV

Boris (B.K.) Garrett - retired, F/Sgt. NC Highway Patrol

Phil Wadsworth - retired, Sgt. NC Highway Patrol

Brown Loflin - owner, Denton Farm Park

Arnold Lanier - former Randolph County Commissioner

Phil Kemp - former Randolph County Commissioner





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Political advertisement paid for and approved by committee to elect Greg Seabolt Sheriff.
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