I believe that we are all equal citizens of Randolph County, and my 10 Point Plan is aimed at ensuring everyone has a voice and enjoys the same level of service regardless of political affiliation, socioeconomic status, race/ethnicity, religion, sex, ability, or military/veteran status.  The 10 points together address both the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office’s (RCSO) operational components and the issues facing our county to achieve a single goal of creating and sustaining a safe and welcoming environment for each and every one of our county’s citizens.

1. Open Communication and Transparency

RCSO will maintain continual open communication with all Randolph County citizens, staying informed of concerns and issues that affect some or all of us. Representatives from each precinct will meet periodically with RCSO leaders to address local issues and concerns and seek unified solutions. RCSO will provide timely updates regarding issues concerning our community and threats to the citizens. 

2. Eradication of Illicit Drug Trafficking in Randolph County

RCSO will reinstate the Drug Interdiction Team, leveraging existing deputies’ extensive drug prevention training to work towards a goal of eradicating illicit drugs from Randolph County..

Recognizing that eliminating a market for illicit drugs is key to eradicating them, RCSO will partner with healthcare providers, mental health experts, social service providers, and local church and community leaders to address the root causes of drug addiction and assist our fellow citizens in finding any addiction recovery services they may need.

3.  Proactive Property Crime Prevention

In addition to assigning additional patrol deputies in the county to deter break-ins and larcenies, RCSO will initiate and maintain open discussions with Randolph County citizens to gather feedback and foster community watch programs.  We will be vigilant in protecting the personal property of our fellow residents and send a clear message that we are serious about keeping crime to a minimum throughout the county.

4. Reducing Call Response Times

RCSO will stand up satellite offices at local fire departments to help minimize call response times. Additionally, instead of four patrol zones, the county will be divided into six zones to give deputies a smaller patrol area. 

5. Thorough Crime Investigation

RCSO staff will conduct thorough investigations of all cases, refraining from cutting any corners and establishing a mandatory protocol of initiating follow-up contact with complainants and/or victims within 48 hours of criminal acts.  We will be intentional about keeping complainants and victims informed regarding the status of investigations and will never respond to with statements like:  “My hands are tied,” “There’s nothing I can do” or “It’s out of my hands.” 

6. No Political Maneuvering

RCSO will hire, promote, and reward staff based solely on merit and work history, and will assign tasks and responsibilities according to each individual’s abilities, experience and relevant career goals.  Likewise, the same policy will apply to reprimands and terminations, and under no circumstances will political pressures dictate employment decisions at RCSO.

7. Policy and Procedural Standardization

RCSO will create and implement a detailed policy and procedure manual with a goal of achieving CALEA Accreditation*.  The manual will establish guidelines governing corrective actions at the level of non-commissioned offers and below, thus removing unnecessary pressures from RCSO deputies and allowing them to focus on protecting Randolph County’s citizens.

*For additional information on CALEA Accreditation, visit the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement’s website at www.calea.org.

8. Personal Accountability in the Office

Employees will have clearly defined job duties with clear expectations, and RCSO will expect all employees, regardless of rank, to perform their jobs thoroughly and accurately.

9. Adequate Training and Equipment

Each RCSO employee will receive the equipment and training required to perform their job duties accurately and thoroughly. Continuing education and training will ensure staff is current on new trends and crime fighting/safety techniques. Having proper equipment at all times will ensure a safe working environment.

10.  A Safe Randolph County Jail

We will seek solutions guaranteeing that county jail employees work in the best and safest environment possible, ensuring they are free from the risk of harm from inmates.  Likewise, we will pledge to abide by our judicial system’s “innocent until proven guilty” philosophy, guaranteeing inmates receive treatment that meets the highest safety and ethical standards as they await their day in court.







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